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Carolina Estate (West) – Now Complete
Carolina Estate (West) – Now Complete

Carolina Estate (West) – Now Complete

Carolina Estate (West) – Now Complete

Caroline Estate (West) involved a comprehensive range of subdivision works, encompassing sewer, water, electrical, road, and retarding basin construction.

Our team accomplished the following key tasks during the final stage, Stage 7:

  • Earthworks: We successfully carried out 4,678 cubic meters of earth-moving activities, ensuring the necessary groundwork was in place for further construction phases.
  • Topsoiling: To create fertile and suitable ground for future development, we meticulously spread 4,270 cubic meters of topsoil.


No project is without its challenges, and Caroline Estate (West) was no exception.

We encountered adverse weather conditions during the completion phase, particularly heavy rainfall. This presented us with two main challenges:

  1. Pit Cleaning: Due to the presence of water, cleaning the pits became a complex task. However, we swiftly responded by organizing a pump to efficiently remove the water, enabling us to complete the cleaning process as planned.
  2. Wet Topsoil: The rainwater caused the topsoil to become excessively wet, hindering our ability to reach the required Finished Surface Levels (FSLs) for the lots. To address this issue, we promptly arranged for a few loads of dry topsoil to be spread over the affected areas. This allowed us to bring the lots to the desired levels, ensuring the project’s successful completion.

Our team work collaboratively, engaging with all stakeholders, to find the best solutions for the challenges faced. We prioritise effective communication and teamwork to ensure the project’s success, meeting the desired outcomes within the designated time and budget constraints.

Client Appreciation:

Our efforts and dedication were greatly acknowledged by our esteemed client, AVID Group. We received a heartfelt message of gratitude from them, recognising the immense value we brought to the project.