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Committed To Delivery: Windermere Project Progress

Committed To Delivery: Windermere Project Progress

Windermere Estate

With Stages 11 & 12 now underway, our team are installing road crossings in Stage 11 and boxing the road pavements in Stage 12. The team is forging ahead, covering a vast area over the last 2 years, working with our client, Risland Australia.Key milestones achieved: Culvert bridge waterway took approx. 4 months to complete, our team completed the initial earthworks and shaped all the batters in the waterway. The culvert bridge, built by Linea Contractors with A Access assisting to drill over 20 concrete pillars, with a depth of 10 metres. We used RECKLI moulded boards that were propped up to achieve the pattern on the face of the bridge. Structured Rock completed all rock work.

Other works: Ison/Callaway intersection – A major intersection that will eventually merge with a link of intersections over approx. 1 kilometre. We are currently in the process of placing the road pavements and installing the electrical services.
Ison/Plane intersection – part of the link for Ison Road, we are placing capping and working on the electrical, ready for traffic lights.

Keep hitting those milestones team! The project looks fantastic.