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Flexing Our Strengths

Flexing Our Strengths

Rokon have been in operation for more than 20 years, completing a range of civil projects for some of Victoria’s most well-known and trusted land developers.

We are the best in class at what we do, producing high quality, large, multistage sub-divisional works across greenfield and brownfield sites. We are experts in our delivery which provides our clients and major stakeholders confidence in our work and trust in our team to deliver.

Our strengths and experience don’t stop at land sub-divisions. With a large and diverse team, we have the experience to take on different projects and provide our clients with industry leading services. We are always looking for opportunities to flex our strengths and our commitment to delivery.

A recent example of this was during the construction of the Burwood Brickworks project, where we built a stunning entry statement, consisting of a 450 metre long retaining wall ranging between 1 metre and 10 metres in height, we had to think outside the square. Although you may see this as “just a wall” our team worked with our consultants to overcome the project constraints and develop a “Top-Down” methodology to ensure success and a certainty of outcome during construction.

This method was chosen as it was necessary to prevent undermining and subsidence of the adjacent property at the top of the wall. A live telecommunications line and a telecom tower also sat at the top of the wall, adding pressure to the delivery method selected to stabilise and secure the embankment.

Our construction team removed a layer of existing material, shooting in soil retention nails at the same time making sure they were careful not to hit the telecommunication line sitting within the subsoil, and then securing the embankment with mesh and shotcrete retaining wall.

On this project we overcame numerous challenges, including working around live services, limited access at the top of the embankment, managing working at heights, public safety and protection and coordinating activities with the adjacent shopping centre construction. In successfully delivering this project and overcoming these challenges comes growth for our business and team.

In conjunction with the geotechnical engineer, we delivered the wall in only 3 months, The result is something we are very proud of. Our team had the opportunity to flex more of their strengths and we as a business delivered a high quality product.

Thank you to everyone involved, and as a closing comment from our Senior Project Engineer on the job, “We’re engineers, we love this stuff!”