Boundary & Bodycoats Rd
Boundary & Bodycoats Rd
Boundary & Bodycoats Rd
Boundary & Bodycoats Rd
Boundary & Bodycoats Rd

The Boundary & Bodycoats Road project is a comprehensive infrastructure upgrade aimed at enhancing the overall functionality and safety of the area. Spanning approximately 2-3 kilometers, this project involves a series of significant improvements, including the installation of drainage systems, water mains, electrical and communication assets, culverts, and road pavement upgrades.


Boundary & Bodycoats Road is an infrastructure upgrade that involves the installation of drainage, water, electrical/comms, culverts & road/pavement.

2-3km of road upgrades which includes installation of all relevant assets.


Scope of work:

  • Installation of 1050mm & 1200mm Melbourne Water Drainage.
  • Installation of 350mm Watermains.
  • Installation of electrical assets, including a kiosk, which allows for the removal of existing overhead power.
  • Installation of NBN, Telstra & Redtrain assets.
  • Major concreting works, including two major culverts, a footpath & kerb.
  • Road pavement upgrade, which includes the installation of deep lift asphalt.